Pump Model PT-2000-H

The new PressureTech coolant system packs all the same power as before, but now in a compact and modular package. It is designed to fit under your barfeeder saving valuable floor space. This redesign also has additional features making the system more functional, user friendly and reliable.

PressureTech is New England Tool Corporation’s next generation of their popular high pressure coolant pumps. The Swiss Series replaces the NJ1750 and NJ2000 units.

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 PT-2000-H Technical Specifications


Max Output Pressure 138 bar (2,000 psi)
Number of Output Lines 4 (8 Optional)
Max Flow Rate 16 L/min
Motor 7.5 hp
Power Requirement 3 Phase 400 V (208 V)
Type of Coolant Oil Only
Type of Pump Gear
Heat Exchanger Yes
Filter Ability 5 Micron

How This Product Works

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