OCO-500-RO Open Loop Cooler

Open loop industrial chillers control the temperature of a liquid in a remote open tank or sump by continuously recirculating it. The liquid is drawn from the tank, pumped through the chiller and back to the tank.

NETC open loop refrigerated chillers use refrigeration as the media for cooling, while Turmoil non-refrigerated chillers rely on simpler techniques such as air or water flowing over coils containing the coolant to regulate temperature.

Evaporators are brazed, enhanced stainless steel plates. Piping and fittings are copper, bronze, steel, or hose. Self-priming, cast-iron gear pumps are standard. An in-line filter for all incoming oil is also standard.

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OCO-500-RO Technical Specifications


Rated Cooling Capacity60000 BTU/hr
17600 W
15000 kcal/hr
Comp.5 HR
Standard Pump Capacity30 GPM
112 LPM
Standard Voltage208-230/60/3
Standard Dimensions**36 x 50 x 56 in
92 x 127 x 144 cm
Shipping Weigth850 LB
395 KG

OCO-500-RO Options

Digital Temperature Controller (CTC)

Provides close temperature control (±0.5°F).
Displays both set-point and coolant temperature.

Ambient Tracking Controller (ATC)

A dual input digital temperature controller allows the coolant temperature to track ambient temperature at a constant, adjustable differential. Displays both ambient and coolant temperature.

Optional Pumps (OP)

A variety of pumps are available to meet almost any flow and pressure requirement for both water and oilbased coolants.

Low Flow Interlock (LF)

Prevents damage to machine on loss of flow.

Temperature Fault Interlock (HT)

Indicates coolant temperature is out of range.

Low Level Interlock (LL)

Indicates coolant level is low.

Flow Meter/Switch (FSM)

Adjusts coolant flow to optimum setting.

In-Line Heater (ILH)

Warms up coolant to optimum operating temperature.

In-Line Filter (ILF)

Insures clean coolant.

Pure System (PS)

Coolant only comes in contact with stainless steel or plastic.

Non-Refrigerated Cooler (NRCW & NRCA)

Uses central chilled water or ambient air instead of refrigeration. Saves space and maintenance.

Water-Cooled Condenser (W)

For use with tower or city water. Removes heat from the work area while saving space and maintenance.

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