Mist Collectors

Next generation in high efficiency mist and smoke collectors. 

Tri-Mist mist collectors are essential for controlling oil and smoke release into your working environment. These units offer tremendous value, not only do they keep your shop clean, they also provide a healthier work space for your employees.

The Tri-Mist series of mist collectors for CNC machines incorporate mechanical impingement and multi-pass electrostatic precipitation to provide the very highest level of liquid separation available to the machining industry today.

These systems come in 3 different sizes depending on your application and machining area. We can assist you in determining the correct unit for your needs and make recommendations for the best type of mounting. We also stock all necessary brackets, ductwork and installation hardware.

Tri-Mist units have the longest warranty in its class with a 48 month limited warranty. Better built – Better backed!