Filter Bags

Constructed using 100% synthetic fibers in Polyester. The proper combination of fiber diameters, weights and thicknesses result in an economical depth filter media. To reduce fiber migration Polyester bags are singed.


  • High flow/low pressure drop
  • Sewn or fully-welded construction
  • Handles on all bags
  • Temperature ratings to 275°F
  • Nominal Efficiency of 87%

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5 microns is standard and our recommendation for most applications.*

Please note the minimum quantity is 10 filters.**

KE5K1S (PE5P1SH) = Short 5 Micron
KE5K12S (PE5P12SH) = Regular 5 micron ***STANDARD***
KE15K12S (PE15P12SH) = Regular 15 Micron
KE50K12S (PE50P12SH) = Regular 50 Micron
KE100K1S (PES100P1SH) = Short 100 Micron
KE100K12S (PE100P12SH) = Regular 100 Micron

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OC-150 IL image gallery

OC-150 IL Technical Specifications
Digital Temperature Controller (CTC) Provides close temperature control (±0.5°F). Displays both set-point and coolant temperature.
Ambient Tracking Controller (ATC) A dual input digital temperature controller allows the coolant temperature to track ambient temperature at a constant, adjustable differential. Displays both ambient and coolant temperature.
Temperature Fault Interlock (HT) Indicates coolant temperature is out of range.
Flow Meter/Switch (FSM) Adjusts coolant flow to optimum setting.
In-Line Heater (ILH) Warms up coolant to optimum operating temperature.
In-Line Filter (ILF) Insures clean coolant.
Cleanable Evaporator (CEV) Required for dirty or potentially dirty fluids.
Non-Copper (NC) Oil only comes in contact with iron or stainless steel.
Water-Cooled Condenser (W) For use with tower or city water. Removes heat from the work area while saving space and maintenance.

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